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Food Sanitation and safety course

This program prepares students for advanced study in graduate and professional schools. The required courses stress the principles of food safety and preservation and the application of scientific principles to control and enhance the flavor, color, texture, and nutritive value.

This food packaging concentration is designed to prepare students for careers in the food industry with an emphasis in food packaging. It focuses on the design, use, and evaluation of food packaging materials and the effect of packaging materials on the shelf life of food. Students who complete this program may pursue graduate study in packaging or food science. Are you confident your front-line workforce is adhering to best practices that keep your food safe for consumers? Creating and maintaining safe food requires the right strategy and programs to minimize risk and protect your brand. Alchemy’s food safety training, coaching, and communications programs help optimize your front-line workforce in numerous key areas.

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Course Outline

  1. Cleaning and Sanitizing
  2. Controlling Salmonella
  3. Dangerous Microorganisms
  4. Food Allergens
  5. Food Contamination
  6. GMPs for Maintenance
  7. Hand Washing
  8. Personal Hygiene
  9. Environmental Monitoring
  10. Basic Food Facility Defense
Expectations and Goals

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to process, preserve, package, or store food, according to industry and government specifications and regulations depending on their area of specialization.



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