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Diploma in Physiotherapy Assistant

Diploma in Physiotherapy Assistant at Brampton College has been designed to bridge the gap between demands and availability of Physiotherapy Assistants in the health industry.

This is a tailor-made program, giving students a full-fledged hands-on lab training as well as theoretical knowledge, which is essential for a prosperous career. Developed with an aim to prepare students with therapeutic skills, the Physiotherapy Assistant course at Brampton College provides students with a strong foundation to work under the supervision of a Physiotherapist. It enables them to work as a Chiropractic Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, Physiotherapist Assistant and Rehabilitation Assistant. During the classroom studies, students are imparted a well-rounded blend of theory instruction and practical training so that they can continually develop and apply their knowledge to potential tasks and proper assessment procedures. The course equips them with in-depth knowledge about Physiotherapy terminology, techniques, professional skills and computer knowledge.

Course Duration

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Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Rehabilitation, the Health Care System and Ethics
  2. Interpersonal Skills, Communication and Problem Solving
  3. Introduction to Computer, Applications and Keyboarding
  4. Medical Terminology, Body Systems and Disease
  5. Basic Patient Care Techniques, Functional Movement and Rehabilitation
  6. Developmental Psychology and Functional Development across the Life Span
  7. PTA Administration and Program Support
  8. Essentials Skills for PTA-Musculoskeletal
  9. Essential Skills for PTA-Modalities and Physical Agents
  10. Essential Skills for PTA-Cardiac, Neurological, Respiratory and Wound Management
  11. Introduction to Mental Health, Illness and Disability
  12. Introduction to Occupational Therapy
  13. Medical Emergencies
  14. Job Search and Career Development
  15. Clinical Placement (150 hrs)
Expectations and Goals

There is constant rise in demand of qualified and skilled Physiotherapy Assistants (PTA). The demand is expected to grow at a larger scale over the next few years. After successful completion of the program, you will be able to work in various settings such as private rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, acute care centers, retirement homes, long-term care facilities, sports medicine clinics, physical therapy clinics, community health care agencies and other healthcare settings. You can also become eligible to join the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.


Grade 12 from any country

Age must be 18 years or above

Good understanding of English language

Course Materials

Will be provided.

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Career Prospects

Physiotherapy Assistant

Expected Starting Salary: 18$/hr